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Organization Theory Center

Organization Theory Centre is the platform offered by UMT for scholars of diverse disciplines including, but not limited to economics, sociology, philosophy, natural sciences, art, literature, literacy, linguistics, complexity science, critical theory, social constructioncism, symbolic interactions, and Phenomenology.

OTC focuses on generation of research and development of researches from multiple discipline. Research Capacity Building (RCB, and Research management (RM) are also the core functional areas of OTC.

There are three main motives of OTC

The first is embedded in the foundation diversity of the field. Organization Theory draws from multiple disciplines including, but not limited to, economics, psychology, sociology, philosophy, natural sciences, humanities, art, literature, history, linguistics, complexity sciences, critical theory, social constructionism, symbolic interactions and, phenomenology. The two broad opposing theoretical perspectives of Organization Theory, the dominant or dual functionalist and the critical or interpretive or deflective or retro- organization theory discourses are based on different inclinations towards these. foundational knowledge disciplines of the field.

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Featured Events
European delegates from Norway, Hungary and UK visit OTC at UMT
Organization Theory Center launched at UMT
Verbatim Comments
"We talk of leadership but forget that leaders are created from forum like these"
Dr. Ehsan Malik, (Chairman IBA Punjab University)
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