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Verbatim Comments of the Participants

» We talk of leadership but forget that leaders are created from forum like these
  Dr. Ehsan Malik, (Chairman IBA Punjab University)
» Thank God East has woken up to the Challenge of Knowledge Creation
  Dr. Khalid Hameed Sheikh, (Formar Vice Chancellor, University of the Punjab Lahore)
Professor Emeritus Department of Botany GC University Lahore
» It was my dream to be a part of Such a novelty"
  Dr. Syed Gulzar Haider, Dean School of Architecture Emeritus Professor and Former Director, School of Architecture, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
» Since I came back from Germany this was the first event from which I learnt a lot
  Khalil Arbi, Assistant Professor, SPA UMT
» Universities come up with Commercial Center, OTC is non-commercial & purely rooted in knowledge and research
  Dr. Farzad Rafi Khan, Associate Professor, Director PhD Management, Suleman Dawood School of Business. PhD, McGill University
» This was excellent intellectual exercise for creating new horizons in the field of OT
  Dr Muhammad Naeem Mohsin, (Post Doctorate from University of Vienna, Austria).
» OTC Centre is really a mature idea for collecting insights from natural and social Sciences"
  Dr. Noman Sarwar Qureshi, Assistant Professor, Physics Department GC University, Sustainable Development Study Centre (SDSC).
  "There was a dire need of such center for the growth of HRM field in Pakistan and OTC will probably fill this gap".
  Dr. Muhammad Razzaq Athar, PHD HRM (Assistant Professor) Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi.
  This OT Center can bring Madrasas's scholars and scholars from modern universities close together and reduce the gulf between these two schools of thoughts.
  Maulana Attur-ur-Rahman, Phd in Islamic Studies from Malaysia, MNA-Mardan.
  This OT Center can play its vital role in economic development and policy making in Pakistan
  Dr. Wasif Sadiqqi, X Chairman Economics Department FC University.
  This was a good and decent intellectual activity which can set direction for the world of journalism and media
  M. Mansha Qazi, Journalist.